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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  August 20, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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d taking off your shoes, only if you feel like it. these aren't luxuries, they're basics. get them back, on acela. [ male announcer ] amtrak guest rewards members earn up to 9,000 bonus points this summer. details at a public school social worker by day, a suspected bank robber wanted by the fbi by night. and now he's in jail. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> authorities have been looking for him since march. a prolific bank robber whose
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face was caught by security cameras time and time again, even though he spent his work days with schoolchildren. jackie bensen has the bizarre story. she's live at police headquarters in prince george's county tonight. jackie? >> reporter: craig, the man under arrest is a veteran of the war in iraq and a social worker for d.c. public schools. how did 47-year-old damon keith roberts jr. of largo end up being arrested for a series of bank robberies, crimes that had frustrated police. he was even on a wanted poster issued by the fbi. the robberies began in march. news 4 learned at that time roberts was employed as a special education social worker for d.c. public schools. he was not assigned to any one school. six banks were hit between march and july. in each case, the suspect wore a hat but made only minimal efforts to hide his face. >> he would go into the bank, pose as a customer, and pass the
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teller a note demanding money. at that time they would give up the money and he would flee the area. >> reporter: roberts lives in a quiet neighborhood of well-kept homes. he enjoys the friendship and respect of his neighbors who suspect stress either from his military service or his job or both may be part of the story. >> i'm a vet of the united states army. so is he. i know he did a couple tours in iraq. a good guy. played football when i was little. pretty nice guy. >> times were tough. as well for me. and i guess i have harbored thoughts of doing things, but at the same time, my morals system, my values system won't allow me to do the things that i've thought about doing. >> reporter: roberts was arrested after his car was photographed leaving the scene of a robbery. he remains jailed at this time, and he has been played on administrative leave from his job with the d.c. public school
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system. craig, back to you. >> jackie bensen, thanks. the man accused of targeting black men in a deadly stabbing spree is expected to face charges in michigan next week. he was arrested in atlanta on august 11th while trying to board a plane for israel. michigan he's a suspect in michigan, ohio and virginia. a second car he may have used. a district judge has ruled against a request by lawyers defending the man charged with killing sandra levy. his defense team wanted access to the names of people summoned for jury duty in the city in recent years. the lawyer said that the names might prove that latinos are underrepresented meaning he could not get a fair trial here. he is accused of killing an intern back in 2002.
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hundreds gathers to pay final respects to a prominent attorney and lobbyist killed in a plane crash that also took the life of former alaska senator ted stevens. a funeral mass was held for bill phillips sr. at our lady of mercy catholic church in potomac. phillips once served as ted stevens' chief of staff. they were on a fishing trip together when the plane went down. three other people died in the crash in alaska last week. phillips' 13-year-old son survived and was at the funeral today. in two weeks washington will host another round of mideast peace talks. palestinian president mahmoud abbas and israel's benjamin netanyahu will sit down september 2nd. the two sides have not met in two years. the goal of the peace talks is to kick off a year of negotiations. the plane is to decide who rules jerusalem, where the border is drawn and how to handle security. all within one year. >> without a doubt, we will hit more obstacles. the enemies of peace will keep
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trying to defeat us and to derail these talks. but i ask the parties to persevere. >> president obama will host a dinner to also include the leaders of ee kwigypt and jorda well as british prime minister tony blair. the white house is calling for the man convicted in the lockerbie bombing to spend the rest of his life in prison. he was released from a scottish prison one year ago today. megrahi had served only eight years of a life sentence but was allowed to return to libya after doctors said he would die of cancer in three months. now megrahi is still alive and living a pretty good life in a plush area of tripoli. 260 people, mostly americans, were killed when the pan am flight went down back in 1988 over scotland. now to a story of an unusual crime in loudon county, virginia. several houn pouundred pounds o fruit was stolen. it was supposed to be given to a
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pantry that feeds the hungry. darcy spencer has the story. >> this is the pear tree. there's not one pear left. >> this is where the fruit was taken from the stem of the tree. >> reporter: these trees in leesburg should be full of ripening fruits. but it's all been picked. not by the hands that tend the organic garden but by thieves who walked away with hundreds of apples and pears. >> reporter: this whole branch was down here with the fruit. we had a two-by-four right here holding this up so people could walk through here. >> reporter: the loudon county master gardeners and volunteers spend thousands of hours each year planting and tending the garden. now the fruit of their labor is gone. they say the fruits were stripped from the trees last week of every pear and most of the apples, about 200 pounds, enough to fill two or three bushels. >> we were so disappointed. >> reporter: the gardeners don't know who would want to take the fruit or why. they're convinced this was not the work of animals.
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there were no hoof prints and no half-eaton fruit left behind. >> i hope they're ashamed enough not to do it again. i really do. >> reporter: the gardeners say they're considering putting up motion detectors that would shine light in case anyone came into the garden after dark and putting up signs that say you can look at the fruit, but please don't take it. the gardeners say it's bad enough that their fruit was blight. now it won't reach the people it's grown for, the less fortunate. they received the fruit through the interfaith relief food pantry. >> in the summer when they get fruits and vegetables, they can then save their canned goods and have those to use in the wintertime. and it's a break from the family to get the food and offers them better nutrition. >> reporter: the demonstration garden is located in a public park and people are welcome to walk through. and it's used to educate the community. >> it's okay to take one here and there. i think that's great. and if someone's curious, ask us how to grow them. they're easy. but just don't wipe us out. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news
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4. still ahead tonight, a huge free falls in the middle of the city on a sunny afternoon. so what happened? there's another hurdle for a proposed mosque near ground zero. and it comes in the form of construction workers. plus, he was the inspiration for "the blind side." now she's telling virginians thousand give back. veronica, how about our weekend? >> more 90-degree heat and more humidity, doreen, this weekend. but it's not all bad. i'll tell you why. lindsay? it's also good football weather. coming up, how much will albert haynesworth play against the ravens? we have the answer for you. also, could the nationals break through against phillies' ace roy halladay?
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preparation for a terror attack was the focus for the fairfax county police department today. all 1400 officers on the force
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took part in exercises that simulated a day-care shooting and a parking lot gun assault. one officer said being ready for an active scenario is now an unfortunate necessity. >> it poses a lot of unique challenges. obviously, there are sensitive sites all over the area, whether it d.c. or virginia. we're trying to prepare our officers to be the when faced with the worst. >> the training was the first of its kind in the washington region. an accident between a corvette and an 18-wheeler shut down traffic on part of the bay bridge this afternoon. the westbound lanes of the span were closed for about an hour while police investigated the crash. it happened just before 5:00. the driver of the corvette was flown to baltimore shock trauma hospital but was alert and moving. the driver of the tractor trailer was not hurt. and a minivan was crushed, but nobody was hurt when a tree in northwest d.c. just suddenly toppled over this afternoon. it happened at 32nd and
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cleveland streets northwest. the woman who owns the minivan says she was inside that vehicle less than five minutes before the tree fell on it. she's glad nobody was injured. it's still not clear what caused the tree to fall. students in prince george's county heading back to school monday, but some parents say that their kids won't have the classes they signed up for. news 4 talked to some mothers who say their children were given electives they had no interest in. for example, junior rotc when they wanted spanish. they say they were told it would take at least three weeks to change those schedules. meanwhile, the prince at flowers high school said there are not enough teachers to give all the students the electives they want. but the school system does not anticipate widespread scheduling issues that hampered the start of last year's school year. still to come tonight on news 4, authorities credit a park ranger with helping them capture two fugitives who had been on the run for weeks. bikers taking a remembrance ride ahead of 9/11 arrive at the pentagon. veronica's back with a closer look at our weekend weather and a cooldown coming.
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stay with us.
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musician wyclef jean will not be able to run for president in haiti. that word came from the country's electoral council late tonight. jean has been a roving ambassador to his country and has kept haiti in the headlines since that devastating earthquake in january. one of the eligibility requirements is that candidates must live in haiti for the five years before running. jean has been living primarily in the u.s. we learned a little more today about the final minutes of a manhunt for an escaped inmate and his fiancee. john mccluskey and two others broke out of an arizona prison. the other two were caught, but the two continued to elude police. they're suspected of kill kidnapping two truckers and
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killing two in new mexico. a work force spotted them yesterday at an arizona campsite. >> he is a true hero. he made contact. he was vigilant about it. he was out there doing his job. >> they're dangerous. they take what they want when they want. and we're glad to get them off the street. >> the couple has referred to themselves as a latter-day bonnie & clyde. in court today their bail was set at $1 million. the group planning to put a mosque near ground zero in new york may have trouble hiring people to build it. there's a growing grass-roots movement in new york to get construction workers to boycott the mosque. thousands of contractors are reportedly joining an online hard-hat pledge vowing not to work on the islamic center in its current proposed location. despite public condemnation of the mosque, organizers don't plan to change the site. hundreds of bikers roll through our area today in an effort to make sure those who lost their lives in the
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september 11th attacks are not forgotten. the group has sponsored these annual remembrance rides since 2001. they started the rally at the crash site in shanksville, pennsylvania, this morning before making their way to the pentagon. they will continue their ride to ground zero tomorrow. and they and all the rest of us are hoping for some good weather for tomorrow. >> we are going to have nice weather tomorrow. you guys got big weekend plans? >> sure. working. >> well, doing nothing, nothing outside hopefully. just sitting around and enjoying the warmth across the area. it's going to be a little on the hot stuff for us, some folks getting into the 90s. let's see what we've got this evening. gorgeous sky out there. mostly clear. weather watcher ken hisner had a question about the moon. he said it looked oval to him. the explanation i can give to you is that when the moon's
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light travels to us, it's bent or refracted and produces astronomical refraction around the time the moon comes out so it takes on that oval appearance. 92, our high temperature. hey, we've had so many of these 90-degree days. in fact, 54 of them since we started the summer. since 1952, we've only done that seven times where we've had 54 or more 90-degree days. here we are in the 80s. 81, the current temperature. feels like we're at 85 degrees. because there's a bit of humidity in the air. and all weekend long, we're going to notice the humidity rising. so for saturday, a little sticky. then more of that coming our way for sunday. here's a look, too, your day for tomorrow. at 10:00 a.m., up to 83 degrees. then up to 90 by 2:00. sunshine. we'll notice a few clouds building by the afternoon. throughout the area right now, 75 degrees in fairfax. 72 in manassas. 76 in quantico and 81 right here
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in d.c. so today we've had high pressure over our area. but it's slipping off to the east. so this weekend we'll have more of a south and southeasterly flow. and that will give way to that higher humidity. there was some big storms today across the northern plains in the midwest. as a matter of fact, they're still going on now throughout northern illinois and northern missouri. a lot of juice with these from that hue humidity rising. that's what we'll be this upcoming weekend, running with dew point temperatures between 70 and 74 degrees. so it's going to feel very humid on sunday. but at least the temperature is going to be just a little cooler with a cold front coming through. so our radar right now is quiet. i don't think it's going to be until sunday late that we're going to see some showers. maybe a thunderstorm showing up in our far western counties coming off the mountains. so a pleasant start to your day tomorrow. 68 to 72 degrees is in by the afternoon tomorrow. back up to around 90 degrees. and the forecast on air quality is code orange. some warmth.
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a little pollution. mix it all together. not good air quality. sunday, 86, the high with this 30% chance for showers and storms coming our way late in the day. most of our rain hits us on monday. i think most of that will be during the afternoon. i know a lot of folks going back to school on monday. a lot of kids. could be a little wet. >> might as well rain for the first day of school. >> thanks, veronica. still ahead tonight, a world war ii bomber is pulled from the water in california. 55 years after going in. and coming up next in sports, redskins players and coaches mingling with their fans. at the annual welcome home luncheon. [ male announcer ] this rock has never stood still.
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the nats spent their friday night on the road up in philly. >> they did and had problems all across the board, really. i'm not going to sugar coat anything because they've got to find a solution. this loss has to sting more considering that they really did have ample opportunity. and they did find a way to keep phillies' pitcher roy halladay on the ropes. the nats' offense was silent. they went 0 for 10 with runners in scoring position. defense didn't show up either. jason marquis still searching for his first quality start. he had elbow surgery. ibanez smashes it to first, but that can't happen. adam dunn can't hand it. the ball gets away from him. chase utley comes around to score from second. jayson werth got to third. marquis, five innings, gives up just one run for roy halladay, a different story. phillies up in the seventh. ryan zimmerman lines it to left.
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ian desmond trying to steal third had to scramble back to second. can't stay on the base. he gets doubled and threat over. phillies still lead, 1-0. same score, top of the ninth. runner on second. two outs for adam dunn. brad lidge gets dunn to chase the sinker at the end of the game. the nationals only allow the phillies four base hits. still lose, though, 1-0. tomorrow night's game for the redskins will be a good measuring stick for the offense as well as the defense. and a source with knowledge of the situation says albert haynesworth will play despite missing practices this week. however, he will not be on the field until the second half. haynesworth and the rest of the team right now very thankful that training camp is over. today they enjoyed an annual event. it was the welcome home luncheon at the ritz. the hoggettes among many fans pressed into the ballroom to see mike shanahan. players were introduced.
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donovan mcnabb came strutting in, greeted by cheers. and haynesworth was there signing a slew of autographs. he is making progress. but has to practice to earn that right to start with the first team. he wants to put the past few weeks behind him. >> it's the end of it, end of training camp. like i tell everybody else, i still have fans out there. not everybody hates me. >> you feel that way? >> huh? >> you feel that way? >> i don't really care, but yeah. some people don't like me, but a lot of people do. that's what it's about. >> you might see albert playing some defensive end tomorrow night. you can watch the redskins/ravens here tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. stay tuned. we've got the post-game report coming up right after dan and myself, we'll be live at fedex field with reaction from coach
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shanahan as well as players. elsewhere, bengals hosting the eagles tonight. marvin lewis and andy reid sharing pleasantries. no score, second quarter. the eagles returning to pacman jones. he signals for the catch. mayhem ensues. it's a live ball. pacman scoops it up, does one of his patented pacman returns. he said i'm going to take this opportunity and stick it to you. takes it back 39 yards. it was a good thing because it set up this. next play, carson palmer says come on, t.o. terrell owens 43 yards down to the 6. that would set up a bengals touchdown. owens had six catches. 22-9. i don't know what's up, eagles, raisins. help me out, please. >> thank you, lindsay. up next, the parents who inspired "the blind side" continue giving ba
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the couple who became famous for inspiring the movie "the blind side" used their celebrity to help the united way in southwest virginia and tennessee today. leeann and shawn twohey spoke to a crowd in bristol, tennessee. their message was about the importance of giving back. >> but you can do something.
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we are all capable of making a difference. we all are. >> that big kid she was talking about was michael ohher, he went on to win a football scholarship and become a first round draft pick for the ravens. archaeologists in frederick county, maryland, are digging up history. they say they have unearthed the remains of what used to be one of the largest slave villages in the state. it was discovered wednesday in the national battlefield just south of frederick. officials say it's part of an old plantation called the hermitage. it was owned by a family that migrated from haiti in the 1700s. using ground-penetrating radar, historians were able to discover six houses. >> one of the things that we are interested in -- and this is what we hope archaeology can tell us -- is getting sort of what their daily lives were like and how these people managed to
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survive within what was apparently a very difficult and brutal system. >> records show there were some 90 slaves on that plantation. that's roughly ten times the number they would have needed for the type of crops being grown there. we'll be right back.
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a rare world war ii plane was pulled from the bottom of a lake in san diego, california,
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today. the dive bomber crashed during a training run 65 years ago. the pilot and gunner survived but the wreck was left 90 feet below the surface. it was all but forgotten until last year when a fisherman spotted the outline of the plane on his fish finder. the hell diver will be trucked to florida where it will be displayed at the national naval aviation museum in pensacola. wow. >> have a great weekend. >> see you monday.


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